flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

Beautiful Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom Floor

by Sonia Marin

When you think of bathroom flooring, you typically think of tile. While it's possible to finish a bathroom floor in wood, cork, or even rubber leather — a very exotic but cushioned choice — tile is still the most common selection. After all, as Home and Garden TV points out, tile is durable and easy to clean, not to mention eminently customizable. Speaking of customization, discover four ways to personalize your tiled bathroom floor.

Varied Sizes

The common practice is to choose tiles all of the same size. However, it's possible to mix and match the sizes for more visual interest. The key is to choose either solid-colored tiles or those with subtle gradients — any kind of patterning would result in a floor that looks too busy. The contractors then lay the tiles in a staggered pattern. It's also possible to incorporate different shapes, such as a square with rectangular and hexagonal tiles.

Glass Tile Border

If you choose a more standard tile floor, you could still add visual interest with a border. A ceramic tile border with patterns or complementary coloring would be attractive, but choosing glass tiles would add a real wow factor. Glass tiles shimmer even when dry, and they reflect light beautifully. There are about as many choices ins sizes, colors, and shapes as there are with ceramic tile, so you could design any kind of border. It's even possible to choose glass that's been recycled from old bottles, making for an eco-friendly option.

Tile Rug

Another way to add visual interest to a basic tile floor is with a central mosaic. This mosaic takes on the role of an accent rug. You can have the mosaic placed anywhere you want to emphasize, say a vanity or window. However, you could also utilize the mosaic in a traditional space for a rug — right outside a shower or tub. For the design, consider a rectangle with a border and patterning inside. This simulates the look of a real bathroom rug. Choose colors that complement the rest of your bathroom décor, or use the mosaic as the basis for your color palette.

Pebble Tiles

Ceramic floor tile usually features a more textured surface to prevent slipping. You could take this idea one step further and choose pebbled tile. In fact, these tiles are composed of pebbles held together with a resin. You could use these tiles anywhere slippage is especially a problem, such as near the bathing areas. Pebble tiles create a naturalistic profile.

Give your bathroom flooring some pizzazz by customizing your tile work. Contact a company like KC Marble & Tile for more information and assistance. 


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flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

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