flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

How To Eliminate Mold From Your Bathroom Grout

by Sonia Marin

Nothing makes a bathroom look more clean and inviting than crisp, white and clean grout. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, the grout throughout your bathroom is susceptible to mold and mildew, which can make your bathroom look and feel dingy and unclean. Luckily, it doesn't take much effort to eliminate mold from your bathroom grout. Here are a few tips to help you keep your bathroom grout free of nasty mold and mildew without grout cleaners:

The First Step to Eliminating Mold

Completely eliminating any traces of mold and mildew from the grout in your bathroom is a two-step process. First, you must remove any hard water stains, dirt and other gunk from the grout. Once that layer of grime is gone, you can go ahead and tackle the mildew.

Begin by cleaning the grout with a paste made from baking soda and white vinegar. This safe, natural tool is a great way to get rid of grime, dirt and hard water stains. Cover the grout with a layer of the paste and work it in with a plastic scrub brush.

Continue to scrub the grout with the baking soda and white vinegar mixture. If any of the hard water stains won't budge, leave the paste on the affected area for a few hours. Then, dampen the bristles of your plastic scrub brush with water and work it into the grout. Finish by rinsing off the grout.

Getting Rid of that Nasty Mold on Your Bathroom Grout

Now that you've eliminated the hard water stains and grime, it's time to tackle the mold problem. However, before you pull out your chlorine bleach, there is a gentler, safer way to get rid of that nasty mold.

To begin, create a mixture of oxygen bleach and water, according to the package directions. Unlike regular chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach will allow you to tackle the mold and mildew without creating potentially-dangerous fumes. Dampen the bristles of a plastic scrub brush with the oxygen bleach mixture and begin scrubbing.

Continue scrubbing the grout until it is completely gone. Once the mold is eliminated, wipe away the oxygen bleach mixture with a damp cloth. Finally, wipe down the sparkling clean grout with a dry cloth. Remember, the key to preventing mold from forming in the future is to keep the grout in your bathroom as dry as possible.

Eliminating mold from your bathroom only requires a little elbow grease and a few easy-to-use ingredients. 


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