flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

Learn How A Flooring Company Feathers New Hardwood Flooring With Old Flooring To Create A Rustic Look

by Sonia Marin

If you have recently purchased a historic home that is a bit of a fixer upper, take time to look for ways to be able to incorporate some of the wonderful features of the home when remodeling to save the integrity of the property and some money on the overall project. If the home has wood flooring in it, consider trying to salvage some of it and incorporating it with new flooring that you plan to put down in the space. The following guide walks you through the simple process a floor repair company will take to make new and old wood flooring work together seamlessly in your new home.

Remove the Old Flooring 

The first thing that the flooring company will do is remove all of the old flooring from the home. They will know how to remove the planks without causing major damage to them. The workers will also sift through the planks to find ones that are not broken, chipped, or warped to put back into the home with the new planks.

Feather in the New Flooring with the Old Flooring

Once all of the old flooring has been removed, the flooring workers will start to feather in new planking with the old planks. Feathering means that they piece the flooring together so that it fits together seamlessly. If the pieces are not feathered in properly, the floor will not be even because some planks will be raised from the others.

Sand Down All of the Wood

All of the planks will then be sanded down with a floor sander the sander makes them all smooth and level. The sanding also opens up the wood so that the stain can soak into it better.

Stain the Wood

Next, the company will stain all of the planks. Staining the planks will give the floor character because the older planks will take on a different hue of the stain than the newer planks. This will give you a multiple tones of flooring which will look very unique and eye-catching.

Protect the Wood

Once the stain has dried, the workers will then add a protectant to the flooring to ensure that it will not easily be damaged when you move furniture, when kids play on it, or when someone walks on it in heels. The protectant will also give it a shiny finish, adding to the appealing look of the new floors.

When the flooring company finishes the entire process, you will not be able to tell which planks are from the old wood and which are new. The house will have rustic charm and a unique look to it.


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flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

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