flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

Tips For Using Hardwood Flooring In Your Bathroom

by Sonia Marin

Hardwood flooring is a wonderful material to use in a home, but it is not always the best material to use in a bathroom. Although hardwood flooring does not always hold up well in areas that are very humid and moist, it is highly durable and has an amazing look. If you really want to put hardwood in your bathroom, you may need to take a few extra steps before you begin the job.

Understand what damages hardwood floors

The first thing to understand about this decision is the effects of bathroom environments on hardwood. Even though hardwood flooring can be very hard, it still has the ability to absorb moisture. When this happens, the wood pieces will expand. As they expand, they increase in size, and this can cause your floor to look bad.

In addition, wood can rot when it gets wet. Because your bathroom has a wet, humid environment, your hardwood floor may not hold up as well as you would like it to unless you take a few extra steps.

Take the time to seal it

If you still decide you want hardwood flooring in your bathroom, you should plan on sealing it after you install it. You can do this with an oil-based polyurethane sealant material, and you should add a couple coats to it. This type of sealant is great for keeping water out of hardwood flooring. You could also place wood putty between the boards if there are gaps. This will also help keep the water out of the actual flooring material, and this will help the floor hold up longer in your bathroom.

Install a good exhaust system in your bathroom

Finally, you should plan on installing a really powerful exhaust fan system in your bathroom. Most bathrooms have exhaust fans for the purpose of removing moisture, but they are not all equal. You will need to make sure you choose one that is powerful enough to keep your bathroom dry all the time.

Another good step to take is to keep towels on the floor near the tub to keep water off the flooring. You could also spend a minute drying the floor with a towel after you take a shower each day.

Hardwood flooring might not be the most common material used in bathrooms, but it is still a viable and attractive option. To learn more about your options, contact a business that sells hardwood flooring materials, such as Kenmark Hardwood Floors Inc.


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flooring - choosing affordablility and quality

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